Moto Guzzi Clubman Racer Special — Limited Availability NOW!


The Moto Guzzi V7 Racer is retro perfection, but if you want one in the States you’re going to have to hurry. In an email sent to dealers earlier today, it was revealed that the Racer will be manufactured to order only and that those orders will only be open through February 28. The good news is that this bike only demands a $791 premium over the avocado green V7 Cafe; the Racer is going for $9,790! Editor has a V7 Classic and rides it tens of thousands of trouble-free miles a year.
Reputable dealers are the way to go on this one! They’ll only make 50 or so and then they’ll be gone forever! Check out Rose Farm Classics and ask for Jim if you don’t already have a favorite dealer, because he will become yours.

You couldn’t reproduce this bike on a V7 Platform for $2500. If you’ve been looking for a nice V7 with mods, rearsets and sweet exhausts, now is the time to hit it! Once this run is over, it will not be made again.