V7 Classic

A Tribute to a Legend.

In 1967, the motorcycle market reeled in shock at the appearance of the first Italian maxi motorcycle: Created by the legendary Giulio Cesare Carcano, the Moto Guzzi V7 marked the debut of the transverse V90 twin-cylinder 703 cubic centimeter engine that set a record at that time.

The V7 was enthusiastically acclaimed by the press and public. This success helped the worldwide promotion of Moto Guzzi’s image as manufacturers of an exclusive, elegant, comfortable and above all, highly reliable motorcycle. For many people, owning a V7 was one of the most important things in their lives. It left them with unforgettable memories that reminded them of their younger days, of friends and of journeys made together and made that time perhaps one of the highest points in Moto Guzzi’s history. After a further forty years of success and as part of Moto Guzzi’s worldwide re-launch project, the flame of creativity shines brightly once more in the new V7 Classic. The V7 has character to spare and is a superb interpretation of the fundamental beauty of the original V7 but this time incorporating all the latest technology that was unavailable to its predecessor.

The new machine is fully up-to-date with its equipment levels, frame engineering and 750 cubic centimeter Euro 3 engine. The V7 Classic brings earlier days to mind with the line of the tank that nestles comfortably on the tubular frame and runs back to meet the saddle. This in turn is perfectly flat and blends in gracefully with the rear mudguard. The side panels house the same stowage compartments that so stylishly set off the side view of the original machine.

The Heritage is evident in the gleaming chrome finish on the exhaust system, shock absorbers, rear light cluster, front headlight and the comfortable handlebars that house the chromed rev counter and speedometer. Just as on its predecessor, the wheels are spoked and shod with high profile sports tires while the instrument panel with its retro-style graphics houses two modern displays that provide information on operating and diagnostic parameters.

Although the V7 Classic is somewhat smaller than other Moto Guzzis, it is engineered to carry pillion passengers with a comfortable saddle, convenient handholds, and well positioned footpegs. The V7 Classic is easy to ride, instinctive and creates a feeling of confidence right from the first time you climb aboard.

The manageable size and excellent riding position are perfect for both town use and longer mixed journeys. The sheer pleasure of riding the machine will be enhanced even further by owners having to answer countless questions from curious onlookers about the White machine they are riding as it looks just like its famed predecessor.

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