The all new Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 4V is here now!

Whether you are a hardcore, adventure touring, long-miler or a day to day commuter, the Stelvio will deliver as only this Italian thoroughbred can. With its sure footed stance, legendary Moto Guzzi power delivery and ample carrying capacity, the Stelvio is the latest generation of two wheeled SUV’s that does it all.

One thought on “Stelvio

  1. Finally a Guzzi with leg room for those of us north of 6 foot! Like a lot of bikes out there today if your long on inseam you need not apply unless you can bend like a Yoga Master otherwise you will be in pain, now if I can only find a Guzzi dealer with one in stock in my area. I read one review that stated the California Vintages floor boards were too high for someone over 6ft, but a review of the Stelvio said that was a bike for those of us that are tall and over 200. The other options for a tall rider are the Suzuki Vstrom and the Triumph Tiger. But I can’t wait to try the Stelvio out, the Griso I tried put my long legs in a cramped position and the tech told me he knew of no after market peg lowering kit for the Griso like they have for the Kawa Concours. Maybe my search for the perfect fit will be over with the Stelvio;) I want a bike with character and the Guzzi followed by the Triumph have that.

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