Moto Guzzi has a venerable history of technological firsts. Many of the components now used on the majority of today’s motorcycles were introduced for the first time in the historic Guzzi factory on the Lariano mountains. This was the case, for example, with the rear suspension swingarm.

In 1928, long-distance excursions were hampered by a serious technical flaw – the lack of rear suspension. The alternatives used until then were not able to maintain a frame’s correct torsional rigidity; what was gained in comfort was lost in lack of handling. The inventiveness of the Guzzi brothers created an elastic frame with a sheet steel box enclosing four springs, together with a swingarm in tubes and sheet metal which they then used on the G.T.

This early swing arm was the embryo of the first modern rear suspension and the basis for the first genuine Gran Turismo motorcycle. Original in everything, the Guzzi Brothers chose to test their innovation in a particularly grueling manner – a 4,000 mile journey from Mandello del Lario to Lapland in northern Norway, inside the Arctic Circle. A monumental enterprise, considering the disastrous condition of European roads at that time. In four weeks, Giuseppe reached his destination. The elastic frame with rear suspension was so successful that it was introduced in production machines and the G.T. was named “Norge” in memory of that unprecedented feat.

This is why Moto Guzzi decided to name the first “Gran Turismo” of the new era the “Norge”.

Moto Guzzi Norge specifications and information

Model Year

Fuel Tank
6, 1 res


Dry Weight
542 lbs.

Seat Height


Sport touring bike with switchable ABS, heated grips, 35 liter saddlebags and electric windshield, all standard

90° air cooled transverse pushrod v-twin with 2-vales per cylinder and twin-plug heads.

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