Guzzi Stuff

Moto Guzzi Restoration and Independent Service

Below are a list of Moto Guzzi Restoration Specialists who I have come to know, trade with, and admire.  I wholly recommend anyone here and stand by their work.

  • Moto Guzzi Decals > V700, Ambassador and Eldorado decals for sale — V700, Eldorado and Ambassador tank and fendertip decals. Four decals printed on clear 2-mil self adhesive vinyl, $10/set. V700 white and blue set $15. Eldorado sidecover/toolbox decal set $30. 750 Ambassador sidecover sets, with louvers-$20, without louvers-$15. V700-$15 (black only). in red, white or black.
    John Prusnek 5212 Winchell Rd. Mantua, OH 44255 330-274-3001 Email: It is self described as “more of a public service than anything, and when folks find them they sure are happy.”
  • Moto Guzzi Classics — Operated by Mark Etheridge and populated by a cast of characters including Sean Fader, one of the great mechanics on just about anything on two wheels.  Mark is a fine person and loves all Moto Guzzis.  Pretty much dedicated his life to them.  He sells quality and hard-to-find parts at ridiculously low prices on eBay, and will fix your bike better than anyone.  He’ll even talk you through something if you’re in a jam.  Always has a great selection of bikes that are way cheaper than building your own. Sweet people.