Adding a DRL FileType with Syntax Highlighting to IntelliJ

IntelliJ’s support of JBoss-rules in no way compares to Eclipse, but even that isn’t enough to get me off my butt and move from my fave. That said, I created a semi-literate FileType for the drl files so that IntelliJ will recognize them and you will get a decent amount of syntax highlighting. Is it perfect?


But it will probably get you home. Here’s what you do. Create a new filetype and make sure that it includes ?*.drl files. Once that is created, it makes a filetype with the name you gave it in the


directory (at least that’s what it looks like on my Mac – I haven’t touched a windows box in years, but it should have some parallels.

Open the XML file and replace anything between the <filetype> nodes with:

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