Comcast #Fail.

I know that I owe an article on my V7 Classic – it’s been 20K miles now and I’m ready to put it up for the winter.  I don’t want this blog to be about rants for service, but Comcast has been exceptionally bad.  I’ve had Comcast for the last 15 months in Detroit. I have DirecTV in Chicago. There is no comparison. Love DirecTV. Comcast…. Not so much…

Here is a transcript of my communication with Comcast’s customer service. My Issue: Channel 224 (FXHD) every week during the Sons of Anarchy show has gone out (3 weeks in a row). Only during this show.

RuthSCNV: Thank you for taking your time to contact us. I will be very glad to help you from here on. I hope your day is fine

RuthSCNV: Danilo, I certainly don’t want you to miss cable channel 224 that you are suppose to have.

Danilo: Well, I follow this show for years. For the last 3-4 weeks, the reception (sound and picture) have gone out. For this show only.

RuthSCNV: Let me try to pinpoint what the problem is and work on getting this fixed for you.

RuthSCNV: Danilo, since it is the only channel that is having a reception problem, it only shows that the network provider itself is having a technical problem with their broadcast.

Danilo: yes

Danilo: Every week at the exact same time.

RuthSCNV: The possible causes of reception issues also are loose cable wire connection and weak signal.

Danilo: Only this channel? None of the others?

RuthSCNV: Please ensure that the cables at the back of the box going to the TV are all tightened.

RuthSCNV: Yes, that could be possible Danilo.

RuthSCNV: Kindly try also to slightly turn the cables to ensure its fittings are tight.

Danilo: They are all tight. I haven’t changed the position of the TV or wires since the technician hooked it up 15 months ago.

Danilo: There is never a problem except at this time.

Danilo: and on this channel. All other channels are fine at the moment.

RuthSCNV: I understand that.

RuthSCNV: Let me check our Outage Board System about any common issue in FXHD channel.

RuthSCNV: Please give me a minute.

Danilo: no problem

RuthSCNV: Thank you for patiently waiting.

RuthSCNV: I apologize for the delay.

Danilo: what did you find out?

RuthSCNV: We do have a number of reports from our Customers having the same issue.

RuthSCNV: No worries because the network provider are being notified about this.

RuthSCNV: There should no longer be further steps needed for you to take from this moment on. This is already well taken care of by our professionals to fix it the soonest possible time.

Danilo: I’ve missed the last three weeks of the show. I pay $180 a month, and this is not satisfactory.

Danilo: Can you provide me with the closest office? I’ll turn my box in tomorrow and try a different provider.

RuthSCNV: Danilo, my apologies for the inconvenience you are having with your FXHD cable service.

RuthSCNV: I understand how frustrating this might be in your part as a customer, I apologize for the inconvenience.

RuthSCNV: I do very well feel how is it to be in the situation because I am also a customer when I am not at work.

RuthSCNV: It will be such a loss to Comcast if you switch provider.

RuthSCNV: Here’s what I can do.

RuthSCNV: Let me provide $20 credit adjustment in the account.

RuthSCNV: This is to compensate on the days that you were not able to enjoy the channel due to reception issue.

RuthSCNV: Would that be fine?

Danilo: Not really. I feel that if this were really a problem it would have been fixed the first week. I can’t believe that this has gone on for three weeks before any of your support staff would be made aware of it. There are very few shows that I receive through cable — I have internet options and I think that might be the best way to go. $20 is not compensation in this case.

RuthSCNV: I understand, I do really apologize on this.

RuthSCNV: What I can provide you now is the link for the Comcast Local Office Locator .

Danilo: thanks.It’s OK. It will make a good blog post.

RuthSCNV: Danilo, may I know what I can do for you now to be able to retain you as our Comcast Customer?

Danilo: I really don’t know. I’m just not getting value for the money. I’ll keep the internet service, but I think the cost of the TV isn’t really giving me the benefit. My bill for TV has more than doubled over the last year, and the service has deteriorated. I know that it’s not your fault, but cutting a $180 check every month and feeling like I didn’t get anywhere near the value, I don’t know what to say.

RuthSCNV: My apologies again about this issue. If only I could do something here in my end to control the situation and fix the network providers technical issue myself, I would glady do it to avoid inconvenient experience to our customers.


I then got a link to find the nearest office.

Comcast, you’re the worst provider I’ve ever had.  DirecTV is miles ahead of you in price and in service.  They even have the HD channels in the right place, not CBS on 232.


2 thoughts on “Comcast #Fail.

  1. Hi Danilo,

    I apologize for the experience. I work for Comcast and I’d like to get more information on your interaction with our agent. Most importantly, we’d like to prevent this from happening to other customers.

    If you don’t mind, will you please contact me, provide your info, your contact number and a link to this page?

    Also, if there is anything that I can do to convince you to come back as a Comcast customer, please let me know. I am here to help!

    National Customer Operations

  2. I guess the first thing you can do is explain why my bill has gone up more than $100 a month in the last year.

    Nov ’10 bill – $90.22
    Dec ’10 bill – $90.22
    Jan ’11 bill – $111.05
    Feb ’11 bill – $122.48
    Mar ’11 bill – $122.48
    Apr ’11 bill – $122.69
    May ’11 bill – $122.70
    Jun ’11 bill – $167.41
    Jul ’11 bill – $150.71
    Aug ’11 bill – $199.61
    Sept ’11 bill – $191.61
    Oct ’11 bill – $199.60

    Then, why I get someone telling me that “technicians are looking into” a problem that is three weeks old? I live in my apartment 4 days a week, then commute back to Chicago where I have DirecTV. The channels that Comcast has is all over the place. DirecTV somehow manages to have Channel 2 in regular and HD in the same place, with HD defaulted when my TV and settings are for HD. For about $50 less per month!

    I’m not here to do a DirecTV commercial, but I think to start with, an explanation for the astronomical rise in prices and the weird channel line up, tiny DVR capacity, and service issues would be a good start.

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