So I’m writing this as I sit on hold, waiting to get some information about the Adobe CS5 Premier Suite that I ordered a month ago.  I received some kind of license certificate in the mail with absolutely no instructions.  Of course I called Adobe, and these numbers mean absolutely nothing to them, so I’ve lost an hour there, mostly on hold.

So now I’ve been on hold with Dell for 15 minutes.  Do they have hold music?  NO.  They have some cheerful, clipped female voice that asks me to continue to hold, and then they try to sell me Microsoft Office.

Then they try to Sell me SQLServer.

Then Adobe Creative Suite 5.

Then they tell me they have 150,000 title for favorable bulk licensing programs.

Then they tell me that they work with Federal Agencies, and tell me to get in touch with software accounting.  Good to know in case I ever work for the government.

Then they thank me for holding, and tell me that they value my business.

Then the string of completely annoying commercials, over and over again.,

And again.

And again.

Whomever decided that it was a GREAT idea that they could try to sell me software and services while I’m sitting on hold frustrated with the purchase that I have already made is a complete dimwit.  I hope your boss (who I’m sure you gave this idea to thinking it would further your career is reading this)  because you made him look like a complete douchebag.

3 thoughts on “Dell ASAP Software. @FAIL @UNBELIEVABLE FAIL

  1. I drive by Dell HQ everyday. If I find a big enough rock I can try and chuck it at one of their buildings for you. 😉

  2. Thanks. As fun as that seems…

    I interviewed in Round Rock with them about a year ago. After about 30 minutes through the 3 hours I was there, I realized there was no way I wanted to work in that environment — It was like “The Stepford Engineers” — Not big fans of innovation. Whack-a-mole company that wants you to work hard, don’t ask questions, don’t make suggestions and for God’s sake don’t make your boss look bad.

    I’ve spec’d software equipment for four large teams in the last 5 years. Every time I did this, I specified Apple. After arguments ranging from “no problem” to “no way”, I’ve put Apple in place. Service and support calls near zero. Equipment lasts 1 1/2 times longer. Employees are more productive because it is so damned easy to use you’re not aware of the OS.

    And if you have to pollute it with Microsoft Office, all of it works perfectly.

  3. Been waiting over a month for a Visio license from ASAP/Dell. Ever since Dell bought them their service has gone down the tubes. Pricing is still very low and they have the state contract so our city has to buy from them (taxpayers money so we can’t afford to waste any).

    We buy their computers too. Warranty service is handled by a third party who we are happy with, but any service after the sale or during the sale is problematic. We are not happy.

    Judging from your experiences this is not unique and closer to a trend.

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