Backup Bike Continued

Well, I have the ST2 on Craigslist.  The drama in my mind with respect to my “backup bike” continues.  I’ve been looking at the usual Guzzi suspects, the 1000s, SP, Brevas — even a V7 Sport or a Lodola.  The fact is, how and where I ride has changed dramatically since I moved to Chicago — gone are the 1000 mi weeks, week after week.  My commute is only about 15 miles round trip, and even with things closer here, there’s just no way that I’m going to rack up the miles that I had previously, which I don’t know if it is good or bad, it just is what it is.

One of the things that has been tickling me of late is the maxi-scoot.  The Eldo is just a great bike.  I love riding it, love everything about it.  Sheer joy on my face while I’m on it, so I’m imagining what another bike looks like parked next to it, and trying to play forward what the use for the second bike would be as the “new to me” wears off and I get up in the morning and decide what to ride that day.

I love the Piaggio Maxi-Scoots.  They’ve made me a better overall rider.  They are a serious blast to run around in, and are just as relaxing and utilitarian as anything I have ever been on, and just plain fun.

So I’m still ruminating and want to seek comments and opinions from anyone that cares.   Here’s my poll:

Feel free to chime in with a comment, too!  Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Backup Bike Continued

  1. How about that 1200 Sport? Your write up on that bike is fantastic! Makes me want one….

  2. You’re living in Chicago now.

    While the maxi-scoots have a nice utilitarian aspect to them they have dinky wheels and not much suspension. I’ve become a big believer in enduro/dual sport bikes for city use. Lots of torque down low and long suspension travel.

    I don’t know what Italy offers with those features. Me, I’m looking for an extra set of wheels for my XR650L.


  3. The Maxis that I’ve been looking at are shod with 16″ tires. Italy offers the Moto Guzzi Quota, Moto Guzzi Stelvio, Cagiva Gran Canyon and Aprilia Caponard, off the top of my head…

  4. I think an ’82 BMW R100RT would make a perfect second bike. Am I saying just because I have one for sale? Yes, mostly.

    If I had to confine myself to your list, well, I would not choose a scooter for me, but it sounds like you want one so why not just get one?

    Personally I’d go with any Danilo’s suggestions. Just don’t get a Uly. Getting a Uly spoiled me so badly that I found myself never riding the R100RT any more. I’m not saying that that will happen with you and the Eldorado of course, but I thought I’d warn you anyway.

    Good luck with your decision.

  5. Dude! You live in Chicago! You have all kinds of options open to you. Wisconsin has great roads. Hell, you just gotta get out of the city. Go to Galena, Starved Rock, Naperville (my home town, super Yuppieville). Why do you need anything more than the Eldo? I got along fine in Chicago with a bicycle and a bus pass.

  6. Yeah, I do live in Chicago. Took the Eldo out to Rose Farm Classics in Woodstock to have a Cappucino with my Good Friend Jim Barron. If you’ve never been out to meet him and talk Guzzis, you’re missing part of life. He’s one of the good ones.

    Put 200mi on the Eldo today.

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