And the Winner Is…

2001 Ducati ST2

11000 mi — came with all the bags (back one not shown in picture), Corbin Seat, an extended warranty for the next year, and a 14-month service contract from Wilson’s Motorcycle in Fresno (Yes, I have to make the 200 mile trip to Fresno to get the service – but I have family there that I actually like!).

     I spent a great deal of time looking at everything else.  I had decided on the Scura that Encore Performance in Prescott had for sale, but the price quoted me actually went up $250, to $6750, and the ST2 was $4400, with the warranty, service contract and bags.  It just a new timing belt and valve adjust less than 100 mi before I picked it up, and it was a complete drive-away bike with no faults.

I’ve put 1000+ miles on it a week and a half later, and it is really something.  My Guzzi is like a P-47; lumbering, powerful, raw and upright.  The Duc is like an f-18 — just smooth and so performant — it does everything very well but still makes you feel like you’re really talented.  The brakes are marvelous, and I’ve finally gotten over the “rocks in a beer can” sound of the clutch at idle.  I do miss the torque and big flywheel of the Guzzi on it, because it really has nothing but angel-food cake below 3000 rpm.  I’ve stalled it on slow move-aways from a stop countless times.

All told, the mileage is wonderful, seating position is good enough for now, and the storage is amazing.  A little wider than the Goose, it is a little dicier as I split lanes.  The seating position is also in the stratosphere compared to the Eldorado, and I feel like I’m sitting on a couple of phone books in comparison.

Should be a fun bike, and I’m positive that I’ll be able to get my money out of it if/when it comes time to sell.  The build quality is super, and I have a feeling that it isn’t my last Ducati.

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