Getting another Bike… Guzzi, or?

I’m looking at my second bike — wanted a Norge but wife said don’t spend so much money (limit’s around 6500ish).

So I don’t wear the eldo out, this bike would be ridden about 6-800 miles per week for the next 9 months or so, then this would drop by 75% to about 200mi when I move close to my work. It’s gotta be dead-nuts reliable (at least by some warped standard that says my Eldo is close to that), and I’d like to be able to have a great bike to get through traffic in.

for those of you that went to the AZ rally and others, Jim at EPS has an ’02 Scura with LeMans full fairing, risers on the bars and Bags that look like two moving vans bolted to the bike ( but beautifully integrated). It has 10K miles.

02 Scura

Then, there’s BJ’s LeMans. I just love the look of this bike, but unfortunately I just don’t know enough to say that I could put big miles on it for nine months. Ed Milich says I’d be like one of Jerry’s kids if I rode it everyday, and cringed at the thought of “geezering it up” by putting on risers, bars and bags. It has 41K miles and Beej says it is solid. Gotta believe him. Here it is:

1986 Moto Guzzi Le Mans IV

It’s for sale to anyone — come with a check made out to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital for $4K and you ride it off AND “write it off”. (There. Now you know, and if you want to buy it before I get off my brain and make a decision, all power to you, no hard feelings whatsoever.)

Then there’s an ST2 with low miles and adult owned for $6500.

I did consider many of the Oriental bikes and BMWs, but I’m just not going to want them after 9 months, and I hate selling stuff. Plus, I already have knowledge about Guzzi Maintenance, and Ducs don’t scare me, because I have a support network if I really, really need it. Prefer the Goose, though.

Oh yeah.  Another acquaintance has a very nice SPIII in Montana.  Price is great but I need to find a way to get it to here.  Ride sounds good, but my new job really doesn’t give me the time off I need, and the plane tickets to middle-of-nowhere Montana can be dear.  Still — Here’s a pic:

1000 SPIII in Montana

So I’ve been ruminatin’ and ruminatin’. I’m soliciting opinions because I need more input and I just don’t have the domain knowledge yet to really make a great decision.

There’s also a nice, nice 1984 850 T5:

850 t5 (1984)

Lotsa choices.


Here’s a poll:

6 thoughts on “Getting another Bike… Guzzi, or?

  1. Hey Danilo,

    I have an SP1000 and a Convert. I like the convert and really like the SP. I have a basket case Eldo. I’ve never ridden an Eldo. Hopefully some day. I read the posts regularly, and think you would really enjoy an SP.

    Does Mark have an example you could ride? Just my limited experience opinion.

    Tom in Wichita

  2. An SP1000 would be real nice and comfy, it’s a cool old Guzzi with good reliability, and you know a used Breva 1100 with windshield and bags would be real modern and reliable. Why not get something newer like that so you only have hard core wrenching on the loop. It’s always nice to have one bike that is a guaranteed turn key machine… 🙂

    Oh, I had a 87 Lemans 1000, great bike, very reliable, but even with a corbin seat and Verlicchi adjustable clip-ons it was not very comfy for long miles. A few say they are, must be iron butt guys? heheh

  3. Dan:

    The SPIII – I prefer the original SP. There’s one with 11K miles on the MGNOC classifieds for $2500. I’m still in the reliable commuter camp with a Jap bike, like the Kawi Concours. You know Guzzi’s but with Jap stuff is maintenance free. Just ride the friggin’ thing. But it cheap and unload it when you’re done with it – for the same or more money than you paid. Then if you want another Guzzi, buy one; they are certainly easier to buy than to sell. I can give you the name of a good shipper that I’ve used for bike transport; he’s reliable and has very fair rates. To get the SPIII from Montana may cost you around $400, door-to-door.

    If you must have a Guzzi as a commuter, I’d go for the Breva. The older stuff is OK to putter around with, IMO. I would think you could find an 1100 Breva for not more than $6K.

  4. Hey Danil,
    If you decide not to go with the Sp would you put me in touch with the guy who is selling it? I need something a bit more comfortable for two up touring than my ’02 Lemans. Thanks, Al

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